FOW I Seminar

Date Event Location Country Language Type
Feb 21, 2018 FOW I Seminar Phoenix, AZ United States EN Seminar Register
Apr 18, 2018 FOW I Seminar Borås, Sweden Sweden EN Seminar Register
May 02, 2018 FOW I Seminar Kolding, Denmark Denmark DK Seminar Register
Nov 13, 2019 FOW I Seminar Berlin Germany DE Seminar Register
Mar 06, 2019 FOW I Seminar Phoenix United States EN Seminar Register

Event Information

The seminar will introduce the basics of how various factors of weather and climate, such as solar radiation, heat and moisture, affect materials and how to test the resistance of a formulation or product to them. Special attention is given to the testing techniques of paints and protective coatings, automotive materials, architectural building products and molded plastic materials. Textile and fiber lightfastness and weatherability are also discussed

Participants attending this course will learn:

  • The primary weather factors that affect the durability of materials
  • National and international test methods that govern natural and accelerated outdoor testing techniques and environments
  • Artificial laboratory weathering test methodologies
  • How to properly structure a weathering test to derive maximum value