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Application Notes & Guides

Many applications are not completely covered by existing standards. Atlas provides guidance for selected applications of weathering and lightfastness testing.

Accelerated Shelf-Life Testing - Guidelines for fast and realistic light stability testing of ingredients, packaging, and products Read more - Guide AG101 - Accelerated Shelf Life Testing


Photostability of Pharmaceuticals - ICH Testing using SUNTEST® CPS+
Read more - Guide AG102 - ICH with Suntest CPS+

Atlas-AG102-SUNTEST CPS+ for ICH Q1B 2021-03-31 Rev2 OR-FR

Photostability of Pharmaceuticals - ICH Testing using SUNTEST® XLS+
Read more - Guide AG103 - ICH with Suntest XLS+

Atlas_AG103_SUNTEST XLS+ for ICH Q1B_2019-05-08_Rev.1_OR_FR 

Photostability of Pharmaceuticals - ICH Testing using SUNTEST® XXL+ FD
Read more - Guide AG104 - ICH with Suntest XXL+FD

Atlas_AG104_SUNTEST XXL+FD for ICH Q1B_2018-10-18_REV.1_OR_FR_corr1 

Weather Testing of Paints and Coatings
Read more - Guide AG105 - Paints and Coatings

VOC reduction and UV stability of new engineering resins

Photofading of colored materials
Atlas_AG107_Photofading of colored materials_SUNSPOTS_2009-04-01 

Coating surface temperature in UV testing and selection of encapsulants for PV modules
Read more - Guide AG108 - PV Module Temperature

Practical Guide to Stability Testing of Cosmetics & Packaging
Read more - Guide AG109 - Cosmetics and Packaging

Atlas_AG109_Testing Cosmetics and Packaging_2018-11-29_OR_FR 

Environmental Durability Testing of Wearable Electronic Products
Read more - Guide AG110 – Durability Testing of Wearables

Guidelines for UVC Testing to Assess Durability of Materials
Read more - Guide AG111 – UVC Material Exposure Testing

Wetterechtheit und Wetterbeständigkeit von Fenster- und Dichtungsprofilen
Atlas_AN101_Fenster und Dichtungsprofile_2007-02-24

Weathering and Light Stability testing of PET Bottles
Read more - AN102 - PET Bottles

Realistic Weathering and lightfastness Testing of Packaged Food & Beverages
Read more - AN103 - Food and Beverages

Environmental Durability Testing of Solar Inverters
Read more - AN104 - Solar PV Inverters

Environmental Durability Testing of Rotor Blade Coatings
Atlas_AN105_Rotor Blade Coatings_2013-11-08

Photolability of Drugs in Hair - Atlas SUNTEST® CPS+ testing
Read more – Application Note AN106 – Photolability of Drugs in Hair

 In vitro Sun Protection Factor - Atlas SUNTEST® CPS+ Testing
Read more - AN107 - In vitro UVA

TNO study on weathering behavior of polyester coil coatings
Read more - Note AN108 – Weathering of Polyester Coatings