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Case Studies

Benefit from an array of case studies Atlas has available in its weathering library. These detailed analyses address critical weathering issues being faced by many industries today whether they be textile, automotive, agricultural, building products, plastics or consumer goods related.

Development of a Test Method for Evaluation of the Sunlight Stability of Styrenic Thermoplastic Elastomers
Atlas_CS105_Styrenic Thermoplastic Elastomers_2009

Car Tires - Climatic Influences and Aging Behaviour
Atlas_CS104_Car Tires_2007-07-30

Artificial Grass Yarns – Improving Sports Performance
Atlas_CS103_Artificial Grass_2006-11-15

Agricultural Films Duration under Accelerated and Natural Weathering
Atlas_CS102_Agricultural Films_2006-10-17

Atlas Fade-Ometer® Identifies Cause of Degradation and Sets Standard for Firefighter’s Turnout Gear
Atlas_CS101_Firefighters Gear_2004-03-22