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Technical Notes and Guides

Learn more about new weathering technology

RightLight Filter Technology
Read more - TN101 - Right Light Filter

S3T Specific Specimen Surface Temperature Measurement
Read more - TN102 - S3T Specimen Surface Temperature

Determination of activation energies using Atlas S³T technology

Basics of irradiance and radiant energy in weathering testing
Read more - Guide TG101 - Irradiance Basics

Basics of polymer degradation in weathering
Read more - Guide TG102 - Polymer Degradation

Color measurements in weathering
Read more - GuideTG103 - Color Measurement
Gloss measurements in weathering
Read more - Guide TG104 – Gloss Measurement

Setting up a weathering test
Read more - Guide TG105 - Weathering Test Set up

Primary factors of weathering
Read more - Guide TG106 - Primary Weather Factors

Secondary weather factors
Read more - Guide TG107 - Secondary Weather Factors

Service use stresses in weathering

Natural direct weathering testing