SolarConstant MHG 4000/2500

Atlas SolarConstant MHG 4000/2500 are specially designed large luminaires for solar simulation systems.

  • Overview +

    A key to the success of solar environmental testing is the quality of the solar simulation itself. A close spectral match to natural sunlight is critical for accurate reproduction of test conditions. The Atlas SolarConstant luminaire offers high irradiance efficiency and superior spatial irradiance uniformity over the target area.

    SolarConstant 4000/2500 are typically used inside solar environmental walk-in and drive-in chambers for automotive applications, solar stress chambers for electronics, and for solar simulators for PV module testing.

    Also learn more about the application-tailored model SolarConstant MIL for testing defense products.
  • Features +

    • Spectrally measured 4000 W / 2500 W MHG lamps
    • Optical filters for outdoor or indoor window-glass filtered solar conditions
    • Wide, symmetric beam angle for high-uniformity solutions
    • Modular design for customized systems of any array size
  • Technical Information +

    MHG 4000/2500 W
    Global radiation similar CIE 85 (Tab. 4)
    Outdoor Filter:
    UV cut-on ca. 290 nm
    Indoor Filter:
    UV cut-on ca. 320 nm
    Average lamp lifetime:
    750 h / 1500 ignitions
    Dimensions (W x H x D):
    510 mm x 430 mm x 500 mm
    24 kg
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  • Applications +

    Atlas has installed over 100 systems worldwide and is a leader in combining the technologies of testing with solar simulation. Below are examples of the most common test chambers with solar simulators:

    Climate test chamber with
    wind tunnel and solar simulator


    Climate test chamber with
    dynamometer and solar


    Solar heat load test chamber
    with solar day cycling


    Climate test chamber with
    dynamic road simulation and
    solar simulator


    Custom solar simulator for PV
    module testing, Light Soak
    testing, I/V curve tracing


    Solar environmental Walk-in
    test chamber for component /
    product testing

  • Positioning System +

    To allow a SolarConstant array solar simulator to move and replicate various natural or target solar conditions, a mechanical positioning system is typically installed. This enables motorized movement of the solar array within all desired spatial directions. This allows adjustment for the size and shape of the test object and/or to simulate diurnal solar transit cycles. Atlas offers both low-cost manual remote control or full automatic alternatives that are integrated into the Atlas control system software.

    Positioning systems are typically customized for the application and local test facility. Atlas will work with you to define the SolarConstant positioning system that will work best for your needs.