Atlas Constant Light LED

CL4000 is an extra bright continuous-mode LED floodlight for illuminating target zones inside real crash and sled test facilities.

  • Overview +

    CL4000 floodlights are ideally equipped for modern crash test photography. The LED technology adapted to high-speed cameras addresses two relevant points for crash test photographers - optimum image brightness and realistic color reproduction.

    Flicker-free continuous light
    Easy-to-use: no synchronization of cameras and LEDs necessary
    Exceptionally bright – equivalent to “BOOST”
    Fully dimmable
    Light quality tuned for optimum color representation
    Unique Lights-ON control technology 
    Thermal management without open air fans
    Long service-life: no LED overdrive during operation
  • Technical Information +

    Dimensions (LxWxD):               137 cm x 54 cm x 11 cm

    Design:                                     aluminum housing

    Weight:                                     40 kg

    Light Technology:                     LED; instant starts without warm-up time

    Power:                                      approx. 3600 W

    Luminous flux:                         436,000 lm

    Color Temperature:                  Daylight 5700 K

    Beam angle:                             18°, 35°

    Dimming:                                 0-100 %

    Flicker-free:                              > 30.000 fps

    Control:                                    Ethernet
    Input Voltage:                          208-240VAC 50-60 Hz

  • Applications +

    CL4000 LED floodlights can be used to upgrade existing facilities or for new lighting systems. New facilities benefit from full exploitation of modern communication and monitoring possibilities.

    Below are examples of common test scenarios Atlas can illuminate using LED or HMI lighting technology.

    Real Crash: Side Impact and Barrier
    Lights Movement: x-,y-,z-axis, tilt, rotation

    Real Crash: Barrier
    Lights Movement: x-,y-,z-axis, tilt


    Real Crash: Rear Impact and Barrier
    Lights Movement: x-,y-,z-axis, tilt

    Real Crash: Car2Car pit
    Lights Movement: flexible on arms/stands

    Crash Simulation: Sled with catapult
    Lights Movement: z-axis, tilt

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