Adhesives and Sealants

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    Atlas provides the widest array of natural and accelerated outdoor as well as laboratory testing solutions for adhesives and sealants for both research purposes and testing to international standards.

    Adhesives and sealants includes a broad variety of products and applications. Adhesives can include pressure sensitive (PSA) or cured products (thermosets, UV/EB; moisture or chemically cured) of various chemistries (acrylics, epoxies, urethanes, etc.) and can be one (1K) or two (2K) component varieties. Forms include glues, tapes, and films and caulks in both permanent and repositionable/removable products across a variety of industries such as automotive, building and construction materials, signs and labels, textiles, packaging, etc.


    Sealants include various forms including liquid applied barriers, edge tapes and seals, and extruded products such as caulks and formed seals used in frame construction, fenestration products and building systems such as exterior insulation façade systems (EIFS), architectural curtain walls, and automotive manufacturing.
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    Adhesives and sealants are critical components of many products; understanding their performance and service life in various environments is critical. Atlas provides an array of outdoor and laboratory test sites and methods to test the durability of these products.

    Laboratory UV and weathering testing standards and methods use either the Fluorescent-Condensation UVTest or xenon arc instruments. The SUNTEST instruments can be used for specific research purposes. Contract testing services with these instruments can also be performed in Atlas’ commercial laboratories.


    Outdoor static natural weathering exposures at benchmark locations such as Atlas’ South Florida Test Service in Miami, Florida and DSET Laboratories near Phoenix, Arizona, or other locations are also customarily performed. Sealants and adhesives are often exposed under compressive or tensile stress in customer-provided fixtures to better replicate end-use conditions, or full products (such as window systems) are exposed in their end-use orientation. In addition, Atlas has a variety of outdoor accelerated weathering techniques such as solar tracking and concentration EMMA/EMMAQUA devices useful for research and product development purposes.
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    Key applicable standards (partial listing) include:
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