WXView Reader

WXView Reader and Ci4400 Viewer are two simple data acquisition programs that allow users to load archived data files from an Atlas xenon-arc weathering instrument into a graphical format.

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    WXView Reader and Ci4400 Viewer can be used to view not only common test parameters, but also data from the S³T (Specific Specimen Surface Temperature) system. The program works with any Windows-based PC. It is easy to install and is accessible from an icon on your desktop. WXView Reader can read data from the Ci3000/Ci4000/Ci5000 Weather- Ometer® manufactured since 2011, Xenotest® or SUNTEST®(XXL/XLS) instruments. The Ci4400 Viewer is used to read files from the Ci4400 Weather-Ometer.

    Follow the link below to download the latest version of our WXView Reader or Ci4400 Viewer software. Both programs are compatible with PCs running Windows XP or later.
  • Features +

    Features of these tools include:
    • A chart along the top of the graph to provide a high-level summary of the complete test
    • A main graph screen to zoom in on a portion of the data for a more detailed analysis
    • The ability to print the main graph view
    • A “Save Image” option for use in presentations or reports
    • Functionality to select which parameters are viewed on the graph
    • Standard test parameters (irradiance, temperatures, humidity) as well as control functions for troubleshooting and system diagnostics
    • Standard Windows-based file management functions
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