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    Atlas SUNTEST xenon arc instruments are the global standard for lightfastness and photo stability testing of cosmetic products by the largest manufacturers and their suppliers.

    Pigments and dyes can fade, and ingredients such as oils can degrade when exposed to light, both to artificial light and direct or indirect sunlight. This can happen while being worn, such as hair dyes, and, in some cases, while still in retail packaging on a store shelf. Color fade, hue shift, off-odor or ingredient degradation can result in negative customer acceptance and damage brand reputation. And, importantly, “cosmeceutical” items with biologically active ingredients, such as anti-aging products, can lose efficacy. Therefore, lightfastness and photo stability testing of both the cosmetic as well as in the market packaging is necessary.


    Sun Protection Factor (SPF) in vitro testing of sunscreens is also performed with the SUNTEST.
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    Light and sun exposure testing of cosmetic products is best performed using xenon arc lamp devices which can provide solar simulation of both direct and window glass filtered daylight, or artificial store light. The SUNTEST CPS+ and XLS+ benchtop exposure instruments are the most widely used for this application, although any of Atlas’ xenon arc instruments can be used.

    The SUNTEST series can be optionally equipped with a SunCool air chiller system to decrease test specimen temperature, important for thermally labile materials such as those containing waxes.

    For SPF (Sun Protection Factor) in vitro testing to ISO 24443 Determination of sunscreen UVA photoprotection in vitro and the COLIPA 2011 in vitro UVA method, the optional SunTray and SunCool for the SUNTEST CPS+ is recommended.

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      - ISO 24443 Determination of sunscreen UVA photoprotection in vitro
      - COLIPA Method for the in vitro determination of UVA protection provided by sunscreen products

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