Products and Services

  • Overview +

    For more than 100 years, Atlas has pioneered innovations in the way companies test the durability of their products.
  • Standard Instruments +

    We offer the most comprehensive range of instruments for weathering, lightfastness, and solar simulation testing.

    Our xenon rotating rack Weather-Ometer® and Xenotest® product series, as well as the economic xenon flatbed SUNTEST® line offer the appropriate weathering testing solutions for your product and application. The Atlas UVTest is our state-of-the art Fluorescence UV device. SEPAP is the ideal research tool for accelerated photoaging studies.

    Atlas corrosion and flammability product lines complement the portfolio of environmental durability testing instruments.
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  • Custom Solar Simulation +

    Atlas means high-end solar simulators professionally customized towards size and shape of the test object. In order to investigate solar heat load effects in small scale, in walk-in or drive-in chambers, or even in train- or plane-sized facilities, Atlas offers state-of-the-art lighting, electronic, and mechanic solutions.
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  • Testing Services +

    For over 100 years, Atlas has been the worldwide leader in real time and accelerated weathering testing. We offer the world’s largest network of outdoor weathering test facilities with more than 23 sites worldwide, and operate the largest commercial weathering testing laboratories.
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  • High Speed Lighting +

    Atlas, a pioneer in the high-speed lighting industry since 1976, specializes in technical lighting systems for high-speed photography. Our custom-designed systems enable photographers to always capture the best images possible. Atlas lighting systems are ideal for use in automotive crash testing and any high-speed process requiring review in slow motion.
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  • Technical Services +

    Proper maintenance and calibration are critical to maximize the reliability of your test data.
    A poorly maintained instrument can produce results that diminish the repeatability and reproducibility of the data and an instrument’s downtime can delay your product's time to market. Atlas is committed to helping you acquire the most accurate data possible through our Technical Services support.
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  • Education Training and Consulting +

    One success factor for high quality weathering testing is proper and current training and education of laboratory and research staff. To help you in achieving your education and training goals, Atlas offers a wide range of Seminars, Workshops, Technical events, and online programs. You may also hire our consulting team to develop tailored test methods or analyze and optimize your testing programs.
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