Static Weathering Testing


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    Atlas' outdoor exposure sites provide a wide range static exposure testing for a variety of materials and end use conditions. Static (real-time) weathering testing capabilities include direct exposure using fixed or variable angle, backed or unbacked racks; indirect (under glass) exposure for interior materials; and black box exposure for paints and coating materials. Contact one of our qualified representatives to see which tests are right for you.

  • Direct Weathering +

    Direct Weathering includes open-backed exposures, backed exposures and black box exposures. All methods meet a variety of standards. Click here for a list of all standards that can be met.
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  • Indirect Weathering +

    Indirect weathering provides exposure to natural sunlight through glass. It determines colorfastness and durability characteristics of materials such as drapes, carpeting, upholstery, and automotive interior materials.
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  • Benchmark Climates +

    It is not practical to determine the weathering characteristics of materials in all of the world's climates. Therefore, benchmark climates selected for exposure testing are based on their known severity for the weathering of materials and the anticipated market of the product.
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  • Atlas Outdoor Exposure Rack +

    The Outdoor Exposure Rack design takes into account the best features of the historical exposure racks used at weathering sites around the world and incorporates ideas from our in-house weathering technicians and experts.
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