Temperature Controlled EMMAQUA®


Static Control


A temperature sensor mounted in the exposure target area interfaces with a controller that powers the variable speed blower motor that controls temperature to a user-defined, set-point temperature.

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Dynamic Control

Two temperature sensors are used, one in the exposure target area and a remotely located temperature sensor. The controller compares the two sensors and adjusts the cooling blower speed to match the remote sensor temperature.

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Night Temperature Control

Special heater platens are mounted behind specimens on the target area to maintain consistent temperatures day and night. Specimens receive radiative, convective and conductive heating through the unexposed side.

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Variable Irradiance Control

The number of mirrors in the EMMA®device is varied between two and ten depending on the exposure requirements of the material. A temperature control system is typically used in conjunction with this system for finer control.

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Moisture Control

The target area rotates out of the concentrated sunlight prior to spraying the specimens. Blown-air cools test specimens to ambient temperatures. Specimens are sprayed with ultra-pure water for the customized length of time. The programmable logic controller then rotates the test samples back into focus at the end of the water spray cycle.

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