Maintenance & Repair

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    Proper maintenance and calibration are critical to maximize the reliability of your test data.

    A poorly maintained instrument can produce results that diminish the repeatability and reproducibility of the data and an instruments downtime can delay your product's time to market. Atlas is committed to helping you acquire the most accurate data possible through our Technical Services support.

    We can help you at every step along the way, from installation to routine maintenance and calibration services. As part of Atlas' commitment to our customers, a factory-trained technician can inspect, start-up and demonstrate the capabilities of your new Atlas instrument. (Please note: services vary by location. Contact your local representative for availability and pricing).

  • Technical Service Start-up +

    As start-up an Atlas Technical Service representative would perform the following:

    • Conduct a thorough inspection of the instrument, documentation and verify instrument configuration
    • Review installed software, test programs, ordered options
    • Inspect installation and hook-up of electrical, water supply, drainage, and air supply to ensure efficient operation
    • Explain and demonstrate operation of your new instrument
    • Answer any questions concerning use of the equipment
    • Make sure your instrument runs at optimum performance by demonstrating calibration procedures
    • Answer questions concerning calibration procedures and ordering of consumables

    Atlas recommends preventive maintenance and calibration for your instrument be performed at least every six-months. Some users find that they need more frequent maintenance and calibration due to high instrument utilization. Consult your owner's manual for information on scheduling maintenance or call your local technician with any maintenance and calibration questions.

  • Every Six Months +

    • Inspect the operation of your instrument
    • Perform detailed preventative maintenance including inspecting and adjusting temperature control circuits, meters, timing devices, lamp components, motors, switches, relays, water systems, and mechanicals that require periodic attention
    • Replace any required parts
    • Perform ISO certified calibration of required circuits
    • Submit a written report of current updates and changes that affect the operation of your instrument and maximize test performance

    AMECARE is a tiered service agreement offering featuring:
    - Routine preventative maintenance and calibration
    - Regular replacement of critical sensors and actuators
    - Scheduled delivery of consumables
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