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Conferences and Atlas Talks

Atlas hosts conferences and participates in local and global events as a way to connect and share information about current trends in material testing, weathering technology, standards, and applications of environmental durability tests. Here is where you can meet our experts:

Date Event Location Speaker Presentation Title
Mar 28, 2023 European Coatings Show Conference Convention Centre NCC Ost, Nuremberg, Germany Dr. Florian Feil Weathering testing of coatings: Recent developments in international standardization
Nov 07-08, 2022 Automotive Circle - Car Body Painting Bad Nauheim, Germany Andreas Riedl Weathering Testing of Car Paints – Technologies, Standards, New Developments
Oct 20, 2022 TAE Seminar Umweltsimulation durch Klimaprüfungen Esslingen, Germany Dr. Florian Feil Bewitterungs- und Lichtechtheitsprüfungen
Oct 13, 2022 SVLFC - Vereinigung der Lack- und Farbenchemiker Bärenmatte, Suhr, Switzerland Tanja Hemling & Dr. Florian Feil Bewitterungsprüfungen – Aktuelle Entwicklungen in Technik und Normung
Oct 11, 2022 ÖGUS Fachtagung Künstliche Bewitterung Wien, Austria Dr. Florian Feil Korrelation- Extrapolation - Lebensdauervorhersage
Sep 21-23, 2022 Bandol Conferences 2022 Bandol, France Dr. Oliver Rahäuser Bio-/Photo-Degradable Polymers and Bio-Based Additives - Weathering Testing as a Tool to Balance Durability and Sustainability
Sep 05, 2022 Langzeit- und Alterungsverhalten von Kunststoffen Germany Dr. Florian Feil Kunststoffinstitut Lüdenscheid