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Conferences and Atlas Talks

Atlas hosts conferences and participates in local and global events as a way to connect and share information about current trends in material testing, weathering technology, standards, and applications of environmental durability tests. Here is where you can meet our experts:

Date Event Location Speaker Presentation Title
Apr 25, 2022 DFO Quality Days Würzburg, Germany Dr. Florian Feil Neuerungen bei der Bewitterung
Mar 29-30, 2023 51st Annual Conference of GUS (German Environmental Society) Stutensee-Blankenloch, Germany Dr. Florian Feil Normenvorschlag zur Bewitterung transparenter oder transluzenter Kunststoffe
Mar 28, 2023 European Coatings Show Conference Convention Centre NCC Ost, Nuremberg, Germany Dr. Florian Feil Weathering testing of coatings: Recent developments in international standardization
Nov 07-08, 2022 Automotive Circle - Car Body Painting Bad Nauheim, Germany Andreas Riedl Weathering Testing of Car Paints – Technologies, Standards, New Developments
Oct 20, 2022 TAE Seminar Umweltsimulation durch Klimaprüfungen Esslingen, Germany Dr. Florian Feil Bewitterungs- und Lichtechtheitsprüfungen
Oct 13, 2022 SVLFC - Vereinigung der Lack- und Farbenchemiker Bärenmatte, Suhr, Switzerland Tanja Hemling & Dr. Florian Feil Bewitterungsprüfungen – Aktuelle Entwicklungen in Technik und Normung
Oct 11, 2022 ÖGUS Fachtagung Künstliche Bewitterung Wien, Austria Dr. Florian Feil Korrelation- Extrapolation - Lebensdauervorhersage
Sep 21-23, 2022 Bandol Conferences 2022 Bandol, France Dr. Oliver Rahäuser Bio-/Photo-Degradable Polymers and Bio-Based Additives - Weathering Testing as a Tool to Balance Durability and Sustainability
Sep 05, 2022 Langzeit- und Alterungsverhalten von Kunststoffen Germany Dr. Florian Feil Kunststoffinstitut Lüdenscheid