Fundamentals of Weathering - The Basics

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    The Fundamentals of Weathering - The Basics is a one day seminar that emphasizes lightfastness and weathering durability testing techniques. These techniques include natural and accelerated outdoor exposure testing as well as laboratory accelerated methods and instruments. The most relevant information in our Fundamentals of Weathering I and II seminars is concentrated into this one day event.

    Special attention is given to the testing techniques of paints and protective coatings, automotive materials, architectural building products and molded plastic materials. Textile and fiber lightfastness and weatherability are also discussed.

  • Content +

    The seminar introduces the fundamentals of natural and accelerated weathering to those involved with designing, evaluating, specifying, selling or purchasing materials or products that could be affected by exposure to light or weather. This includes materials engineers, product managers, marketing and sales managers, R & D personnel and formulation chemists or anyone needing to understand weatherability and its effect on materials.

    Participants attending this course will learn:
    • The primary weather factors that affect the durability of materials
    • Natural and accelerated outdoor testing techniques
    • Artificial laboratory weathering test methodologies
    • What are the most important test standards
    • How to achieve acceleration with good correlation
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    Courses are held at various locations in different languages
    Tuition information is available on request.
    Due to limited space for each seminar, advance registration is required.
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