Atlas Outdoor Exposure Rack System


Exposure rack with Flap Assembly removed from frame

The Atlas Outdoor Exposure Rack design takes into account the best features of the historical exposure racks used at weathering sites around the world and incorporates ideas from our in-house weathering technicians and experts. We asked the question, "How can we make the exposure rack better? "and we are sure the new Atlas Exposure Rack has answered that question with improved ease of use and more.

How is the Atlas Exposure Rack an improvement over the historically available exposure rack and other exact clones in the marketplace?

  • Atlas has improved on the old flap-assemblies traditional wingnut fasteners with an ergonomically friendly cam-lock design.
  • Atlas has also designed new quick-release hardware to panel and sample mounting hardware such as the flap assembly that will allow in-place removal as opposed to the slide functionality of traditional model racks.

These enhanced test racks continue to meet all applicable outdoor weathering standards, but now with better construction and ease of use. Atlas also manufactures portable all-terrain racks, offset racks and other specialty exposure racks.

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