Visual Assessment

A variety of visual evaluations are available for rating degradation phenomena on specimens associated with the weathering process. Both the Arizona and Florida evaluations labs utilize ASTM pictorial standards to rate failure modes such as: checking, cracking and blistering. Assessment techniques like tape chalk, velvet chalk, adhesion, AATCC or ISO grey scale, edge penetration of glass laminates is also available. Formal reports are generated using Atlas-developed inspection formats. Special formats following manufacturer's specifications such as GM 7454M or GM 9538P can be provided. Additional services are routinely requested and can usually be satisfied. The following chart lists the applicable test standards realized by Atlas for visual assessment.

Adhesion ASTM D3359, GM 9071P
Blistering ASTM D714, ISO 4628-2
Chalking ASTM D4214, ISO 4628-6
Checking ASTM D660, ISO 4628-5
Checking ASTM D661, ISO 4628-4
Erosion ASTM D662
Grey Scale Evaluation AATCC Evaluation Procedure 1
ASTM D2616
DIN EN 20105-A02
ISO 105 A02