Gloss Measurements

Atlas uses portable and benchtop BYK Gardner gloss meters for both laboratory and field measurements at 20°, 60°, 75°, and 85°. Atlas also offers distinctness-of-reflective-image (DOI) testing. Distinctness-of-reflective-image is easily defined as the sharpness with which an object's outlines are reflected by a surface. This measurement is predominantly used by automotive and architectural coatings manufacturers to characterize a desired appearance for the end product. The HunterLab Dorigon® series of instruments are used to make DOI measurements, as well as narrow angle haze measurements. The following chart lists the applicable test standards met by Atlas for both gloss and DOI testing.

Gloss ASTM D523
DIN 67530
ISO 2813
ISO 7668
Distinctness of Image (DOI) ASTM E430