Ci Workshops

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    This full day course guides you through basic operation, calibration and maintenance of the Ci 4000 and Ci5000, as well as of our brand-new Ci4400 Weather-Ometers, Plus, you will learn how to navigate the state-of-the art controller to conduct on-line calibration, set up custom test programs and troubleshoot through comprehensive diagnostic screens This hands-on training course is designed for dedicated instrument operators, quality assurance and control personnel, laboratory technicians and anyone who is responsible for equipment operation, calibration and maintenance.

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    Hands-On Training

    The Weather-Ometer® Workshops are structured so that most of the class time is spent working on the instruments. This hands-on format encourages participation and ensures that each student becomes comfortable with the Weather-Ometer's® systems and components.

    Structured Format

    Because the amount of time you can spend away from your company is limited, this course is highly focused and features detailed lectures and demonstrations that make best use of your valuable time.

    Real World Applications

    This unique approach to teaching enables you to take specific information from this program and implement it as soon as you get back to your job.
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    Tuition information is available upon request. Courses include lunch and refreshments, and all course materials. Class size is limited. Advanced registration is required.

    Lodging and travel expenses are the responsibility of the participant.
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