Education, Training & Consulting

  • Overview +

    For more than 100 years, Atlas has pioneered innovations in the way companies test the durability of their products. We offer testing solutions for each product, material, or component which is affected by the factors of weather.

    Testing technology is an important factor for successful weathering testing. Another one is state-of-the art training and education of your product development and laboratory staff. Finally, the correct selection and application of test standards, or tailored test method design, has a huge influence on the usefulness of your weathering testing results.

    To support our customers in achieving their goals, Atlas offers a comprehensive training and educational program, as well as weathering consulting services.

  • Education and Training +

    Weathering technology is a mix between science and experience. Atlas offers a global Client Education program with seminars and hands-on workshops scheduled throughout the US and Europe. Technical seminars and conferences in India and South East Asia focus on specific industries and key applications including textiles, automotive, and coatings. A comprehensive online seminar program completes Atlas’ commitment to high level education and training for our customers.

    Client Education Calendar 
    In addition, as the global technical leader, Atlas partners with leading scientific institutions to co-sponsor targeted symposia and workshops to advance weathering science around the world.
  • Consulting +

    Drawing on decades of weathering leadership and expertise, Atlas can provide in-depth consulting services that assist you in developing and applying the best weathering test methods or comprehensive program for your products.