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    Continuing Atlas’ long tradition of providing weathering related seminars and workshops for our clients, the Atlas Client Education Team developed online seminars on specific topics, technologies, and applications. These 1-hour seminars are broadcasted at different dates and times. Each seminar is followed by a questions and answers session. Attendance is free but requires registration.

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    Applied Weathering Testing - Setups for Common Test Methods
    Test standard setups and cycles are the one side of the story, performing weathering tests in laboratory equipment are the other side. This online seminar should give guidance on how to translate standard test cycles into meaningful weathering experiments for common applications, such as automotive interior and exterior materials, plastics, textiles, composites, and other applications.

    Consumer Electronics Photostability and Weatherability Testing
    Modern consumer electronic contain a multitude of organic and polymeric components, ranging from seals, housings and covers to active components like liquid crystals and OLEDs. Those components can degrade or alter functionality by the influences of the environment, especially by solar radiation (natural or artificial), heat and moisture. This online seminar addresses these effects and provides information and methods how these issues can be tested during product development.

    Hot-Light Fastness Testing
    Automotive interior materials face extreme climatic conditions. Degradation can be caused by solar radiation (filtered by the cabin glass) under extremely hot temperatures. These extreme environments require special test conditions. Standards like ISO 105-B06 or SAE 2412 or OEM specifications define in more detail the temperature conditions and the optical filters required for Xenon-arc test instruments. This so-called hot-light fastness testing is addressed in detail in this online seminar.

    Lightfastness Testing of Food and Beverages
    Food and beverages can degrade by factors of the environment including natural solar radiation, but also by artificial light sources (Store-Light). These factors are often limiting the “shelf-life” of a product. This online seminar addresses special weathering and lightfastness test methods for the food and beverage industry, including testing of the product and it’s packaging, but also how the packing can protect the content from those environmental factors.

    Pharmaceutical Photostability Testing
    This online seminar addresses photostability testing of pharmaceuticals focusing on the ICH Q1B Guideline, with reference to World Health Organization (WHO) and other standards. The presentation will cover the testing requirements of the standards, ranging from the stability of the active ingredients to the final pharmaceutical product. General principles and standards will be explained, including areas of the standards that are vague or left to the discretion of the researcher. You will also learn about which Atlas instruments are suitable for testing.

    Photooxidation and Stabilization Mechanisms
    This online seminar addresses the effects of light, heat and moisture on material degradation. What effect does solar radiation have on materials? What is the influence of temperature? How can the impact be estimated? Topics like spectral sensitivity, activation spectra, and the Arrhenius equation are discussed. The most important chemical degradation pathways are described. How can photooxidation be controlled or be avoided? 

    Textile Testing: Colorfastness to Light
    This seminar addresses the principles of natural and artificial lightfastness testing techniques for textiles. The purpose of reference materials for testing, evaluation and rating is explained. Examples are given on the most common test methods for textiles for interior (AATCC TM16, ISO 105 B02, Company specifications) and exterior applications (ISO 105 B04 and B10).

    Weathering of Automotive and Transportation Coatings 
    This online seminar addresses test methods for automotive exterior materials, especially automotive coatings. The background and the motivation leading to the development of the new test standard ASTM D7869 “Standard Practice for Xenon Arc Exposure Test with Enhanced Light and Water Exposure for Transportation Coatings” will be in focus. 

    Weathering Technology: Applications and Limitations of Different Types of Xenon-arc Instruments
    Focus of this online seminar is the comparison of rotating-rack type and flat-bed type xenon-arc instruments. Both instrument types have their advantages and their limitations, regarding uniformity of irradiance and temperature, specimen geometry and sample handling. Those topics are discussed. Guidance is given on which instrument types might be favorable for specific applications.

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    Attendance to the seminars is free! To register, simply click on the appropriate dates for each seminar you wish to attend in order to complete your registration for that event. Once you complete your registration(s), you will then receive e-mail confirmation(s) for your attendance.

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    For your convenience, many of our online seminars, as well as webinars on specific topics are available as Webcasts.

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