Worldwide Exposure Network


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    It is not practical to determine the weathering characteristics of materials in all of the world's climates. Therefore, benchmark climates selected for exposure testing are based on their known severity for the weathering of materials and the anticipated market of the product. The major marketing area of the material should be taken into consideration when selecting suitable climates and sites for weathering tests.

    Each class of materials is sensitive to a specific group of environmental parameters. Humidity, rain, and salt spray can cause corrosion of metals. For plastics and coatings, ultraviolet radiation, temperature, and moisture can initiate material degradation.

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    Atlas Weathering Services Group (AWSG), is offering a Worldwide Exposure Network (WEN) of own testing facilities and partner sites. With enhanced exposure sites and services in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia, AWSG offers customers cohesive, expertly orchestrated exposure testing throughout the world. Customers have the opportunity to gather extensive information on the durability of their material in different world markets.

    The growing AWSG WEN has over sites around the globe comprising of the world's most sophisticated accelerated weathering laboratory, outdoor weathering services and sample evaluation facilities.

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