High-Speed Lighting

Better Pictures with Atlas High-Speed Lighting

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    Better pictures matter, especially in the automotive safety industry. No matter whether coming from Real-Crash or the Crash-Simulation stand - only high-quality pictures will allow researchers to get insights for superior product improvements.

    With unrivalled bright light and spectrum quality we enable crash-test photographers to fully exploit their camera potential and deliver better pictures.

    With more than 40 years of experience in production of high-speed lighting systems for crash-test photography, Atlas offers:


    •   Turnkey concepts based on LED or metal halide technology

    •   Quality light with high color rendering

    •   Flicker-free for >100,000 fps

    •   Automatic positioning solutions

    •   Installation and service from one source


  • LED High-Speed Lighting +

    For LED based lighting systems for Real Crash, Sled Test and Pits, we use Atlas Constant Light floodlights providing flicker-free continuous light. For onboard lighting Atlas maintains a partnership. LED lighting offers significant advantages over conventional HMI lighting. Firstly, no warm-up time - LEDs start instantly. Additionally, excellent control and higher safety against fire risks.

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  • HMI High-Speed Lighting +

    For metal halide lighting systems we use Atlas HIGH-S-LIGHT floodlights. The product series consists of 1200/2500/4000 W Boost luminaires. All proven quality providing continuous light.

    Continuous light is easy to use and gives every photographer the maximum freedom possible - no worries about having to manage the synchronization of pulsed flashes with all cameras.

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