Atlas 25+

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    Atlas 25+® provides a crucial missing component to the IEC type design qualification tests, that of predicting the effects of long-term environmental exposure during a product's lifetime. Instead of comprising isolated, individual stresses targeted at "infant mortality," Atlas 25+ consists of a series of combined stresses applied to PV modules, providing a true analog of the effects of long-term ageing resulting from exposure to the elements.

    To put it simply, Atlas 25+ is a proprietary multi-dimensional durability test program designed to subject photovoltaic modules to the environmental degradation stresses which can be expected over long-term service. It provides manufacturers with the data they need to demonstrate long-term durability and to support warranty and performance claims while reducing the costs associated with aftermarket product failure.

    The Atlas 25+ mark serves as a key product differentiator and provides customers and financial stakeholders with the proof of independent third-party environmental durability testing by the recognized industry leader.

    Through an alliance with SGS, the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, the standard Atlas 25+ exposure and testing protocol is now enhanced with the availability of two new versions of the program - a six-month streamlined "basic" program for those needing faster results, and an expanded 12-month "premium" offering that includes additional climate factors and performance measurements.

    As a result of the Atlas-SGS collaboration, the Atlas 25+ can be fully certified under the “SGS - PV Performance Tested” scheme. Modules passing these tests, including Atlas 25+, will be entitled to the SGS – PV Performance Tested mark.

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