HIGH-S-LIGHT 4000/2500 Boost

  • Overview +

    Atlas HIGH-S-LIGHT 4000/2500 BOOST are specially designed for high-speed photography. They provide high brightness while special reflectors guarantee highly homogenic illumination of the target area.

    The system is also available for the special application on floor.

  • Features +

    • Exceptional illuminance level ~400,000 lux
    • Flicker-free for frame rates >100,000 fps
    • Color temperature of 5600-6000 (Daylight)
    • High color rendering index >95 CRI
    • Stable output even when main power varies
  • Technical Information +

    Technical Information HIGH-S-LIGHT 4000/2500 BOOST
    Dimensions (LxWxD): 54 cm x 39 cm x 47 cm
    Design: Coated aluminum housing, aluminum reflector, UV-filter
    Light Technology: Metal Halide
    Lamp Power: 4000 W / 2500 W
    Luminous efficacy: >100 lm/W
    Color Temperature: Daylight 5600-6000 K
    Power Output 4kW: 2000 W (50%); 4000 W (100%); 8000 W (Boost)
    Power Output 2.5kW: 1750 W (50%); 2500 W (100%); 5000 W (Boost)
    Lamp Service Life: Average 500 hours or 1500 starts
    Ignition: Cold ignition; time before restart 10 min
    Weight: 16 kg
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  • Applications +

    Atlas has installed over 100 small and large systems worldwide and is a leader in HMI based high-speed lighting solutions. Below are examples of the most common test scenarios Atlas reliably illuminates for best crash test pictures.

    Real Crash: Side Impact and Barrier

    Lights Movement: x-,y-,z-axis, tilt, rotation
    Real Crash: Barrier

    Lights Movement: x-,y-,z-axis, tilt
    Real Crash: Rear Impact and Barrier

    Lights Movement: x-,y-,z-axis, tilt
    Real Crash: Car2Car pit

    Lights Movement: flexible on arms/stands
    Crash Simulation: Sled with catapult

    Lights Movement: z-axis, tilt
  • Control and Movement +

    The Control System

    For the performance of high-speed tests, a specifically defined time sequence must be followed. Additionally, the lighting system needs to be reliably integrated into the master test control system. That is where optimum positioning and illumination configurations for each test are stored as complete files. This ensures that the lighting system will perform properly for each and every test.

    The Movement System

    With over 40 years of experience, Atlas knows how to design and install the right positioning system that will meet your current and future testing needs. HIGH-S-LIGHT systems can move in all spatial directions (x-/y-/z-direction) and are fully rotational. Also, with special speed-drive, Atlas systems can be positioned up to 3x faster than conventional systems. These systems are especially useful for all test facilities with large distances e.g. between crash-block and car-to-car areas.