Custom Solar Simulation

Atlas means high-end solar simulators professionally customized towards any size and shape of test object.
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    Solar heat load effects are critical with respect to product functionality, operational performance, thermal management, noise and dimensional stability. Therefore, any new product made from different materials and components should be tested under solar environmental conditions representative of those locations in which it will exist - anywhere ranging from the heat of the Australian Outback to the frigid climate of arctic regions.

    No solar environmental laboratory test is complete without the confirmation and correlation to real life conditions. Atlas operates various outdoor exposure sites in key climate zones and can produce the natural exposure data you need. Using our expertise in both outdoor and accelerated testing, Atlas can assist you in reproducing outdoor conditions in your laboratory. Atlas enables your testing to be reliable, fast and as realistic as possible.

    Since the size of a solar environmental test chamber can vary from relatively low volume for testing small components/products to extra-large drive-in chambers for automotive, rail and aerospace vehicles, you need a set of differently powered and focused solar radiation units.

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    Today, the Atlas series consists of 1200/1500/2500/4000 W luminaires plus a special MIL luminaire. All are extremely robust, high-end solar simulation units – key characteristics necessary for today’s businesses under constant time pressure. SolarConstant luminaires are recognized by test service laboratories, OEMs and national research centers for transportation, electronics, and defense.
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