Natural Weathering Testing


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    The increased demand for getting decision-making data as fast as possible makes more and more companies turn to accelerated weathering. But no accelerated weathering program can be complete without the confirmation from and correlation to natural weathering. Natural weathering provides the data you need to ensure that your product is covered against costly liability issues.

    From static exposure racks to full-scale testing, our natural weathering facilities serve over 2000 clients in 40 countries and are affiliated with more than 25 trade- and professional organizations around the world. Our staff of trained scientists, engineers and technicians provides broad expertise and ongoing commitment to improve existing services and develop new methods for our clients' increasingly sophisticated needs.

  • Static Weathering +

    Our sites provide a wide range of static exposure testing for a variety of materials and end use conditions. Static (real-time) weathering testing capabilities include different exposure angles, backed or unbacked racks as well than indirect (under glass) exposure for interior materials.
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  • Accelerated Weathering +

    Atlas has pioneered outdoor accelerated weatering testing since their development of the TracRac in the early 1900s. Atlas, primarily at its site in Phoenix, offers a variety of outdoor accelerated weathering services
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  • Evaluation Services +

    Atlas offers a wide range of evaluation and measurement services using the most advanced instrumentation from leading manufacturers. From measuring appearance properties through visual assessment services to temperature monitoring programs.
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  • Other Weathering Services +

    Read more about window energy analysis (shading coefficient and u-value analysis, calculation of shading coefficient, u-valueand NFRC ratings) as well as environmental test services including temperature/humidity cycling, high temperature, low temperature, and temperature shock.
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  • EverSummer +

    Dramatically reduce the time and cost of your material development and validation with Atlas' exclusive EverSummer program. EverSummer allows you to expose your specimens in Miami, Florida and Townsville, Australia to achieve a two-summer exposure in one 12 month period.
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  • Natural Weathering Testing Sites +

    It is not practical to determine the weathering characteristics of materials in all of the world's climates. Therefore, benchmark climates selected for exposure testing are based on their known severity for the weathering of materials and the anticipated market of the product.
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