Atlas Online Fundamentals of Weathering Seminars

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    Atlas' Fundamentals of Weathering online seminar series consists of five one-hour seminars that address relevant weathering and lightfastness testing related topics. The seminar series will broadcast at different dates and times. Each seminar will be followed by a questions and answers session.

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    Part 1: Factors of Weathering
    Here the influences of weather, i.e. sunlight, temperature and humidity, are described. A special focus is given on the influence of light, heat and moisture on materials. How are they measured? How can their impact be estimated?

    Part 2: Outdoor Weathering
    The fundamentals of natural weathering are described. This includes static exposures in different reference climate zones, as well as various accelerated methods.

    Part 3: Laboratory Weathering
    In this section different kind of weathering laboratory instruments are described. What is the light source and its spectral power distribution? Which is the right instrument for which application?

    Part 4: Weathering Testing and Basic Standards
    Here it is described how the environmental stress factors are translated into artificial weathering test cycles. Purpose of standards for weathering testing are describes. Examples are given on the most common test methods for automotive, textiles, coatings, and other applications.

    Part 5: Acceleration and Correlation
    Principles are shown on how to accelerate weathering tests and what has to be considered to avoid unrealistic results. Mathematical/statistical procedures are described on how to compare and how to validate weathering results from different exposures.
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    Attendance to the seminars is free! To register, simply click on the appropriate dates for each seminar you wish to attend in order to complete your registration for that event. Once you complete your registration(s), you will then receive e-mail confirmation(s) for your attendance.

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    For your convenience, many of our online seminars, as well as webinars on specific topics are available as Webcasts.

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