Xenotest 220/220+

  • Overview +

    Xenotest 220 is a highly economic textile color lightfastness tester that can test up to 250 samples simultaneously. It complies to industry standards ISO 105- B02, AATCC TM16 (option 3), and Marks & Spencer C9, C9A.

    Xenotest 220+ is an economic entry solution for rotating rack weathering & lightfastness testing. Same as 220 approved for common textile standards, however further suitable for testing plastics, coatings, and other materials.

  • Features +

    • 1x 2200 W air-cooled Xenon Lamp
    • 2310 cm2 exposure area
    • Microprocessor control with keypad and black/white display (220)
    • Touch screen with colour display to monitor and display test parameters (220+)
    • Direct Setting and Control of Irradiance (300-400 nm)
    • Direct Setting and Control of Black Standard Temperature
    • Direct Setting and Control of Chamber Temperature
    • Direct Setting and Control of Relative Humidity
    • Display of Diagnostic Message
    • Storage for 10 user-defined tests
    • Multilingual User Interface (220+)
    • Non-aging filter systems for ISO 105-B02 and AATCC TM16
    • On-rack XENOSENSIV® for measuring and controlling irradiance (in W/m²) and Black Standard Temperature on sample level
    • Selectable temperature control either by Chamber Temperature (up to 65 °C) or by Dual Control: Chamber Temperature and Black Standard Temperature (up to 100 °C) simultaneously
    • Fan-controlled temperature difference between Chamber and Black Standard Temperature
    • Ultrasonic humidification system with integrated 60l water reservoir for humidity control (automatic refill)
    • Sample rack holding 19 sample holders with capacity for 38 standard textile samples
    • Pre-programmed standards ISO 105 B02 and AATCC TM16-2004 (Option 3)
    • Switch-off by radiant exposure, light exposure or total operating time
    • UV-protected test chamber window
    • Advanced Auto Start functions
    • Internal memory chip for storing instrument data
    • Data output via Memory Card or RS 232
    • Ethernet interface plus XenoTouch Add-ons 1, 2, and 3 (“Remote Control“, “E-Mail Service“, “Online Monitoring“)

  • Options +

    • XenoCal BST Black Standard Thermometer
    • XenoCal BB 300-400 Irradiance Sensor
    • XenoCal NB 340 Irradiance Sensor
  • Accessories +

    • ISO 105-B02 Application Kit
    • ISO 105-B04 Application Kit
    • AATCC TM16.3 Application Kit
    • Right Light Filter System for 220+ (non-aging high-fidelity Daylight filter to simulate outdoor testing; Daylight Type I)
    • XENOCHROME® 300 ext. IR Filter System for 220+ (non-aging Daylight filter system to simulate outdoor testing; for standards requiring higher temperatures; ISO 105-B10 (C, D)
    • XENOCHROME 320 (filter with UV cut-on at 320 nm to simulate testing behind window glass)
    • Filter System TM16 (filter to meet requirements of AATCC TM16.3)
    • Specialized specimen holder sets with multiple segments
    • XenoTouch Add-ons; Remote Control, E-Mail Service, Online Monitoring
  • Standards +

    The listed standards and specifications may include several alternative testing options. The instrument meets at least one option in any listed standard. Standards are subject to change without notification, which may result in a change in testing technology. Always check the revision status of a standard with the responsible Standards Development Organization. If unsure about instrument compliance, please contact your local sales representative.

    • AATCC TM16-2004
    • Colorfastness to Light
    • AATCC TM16.3
    • Colorfastness to Light
    • AATCC TM169
    • Weather Resistance of Textiles: Xenon Lamp Exposure
    • ASTM G155
    • Standard Practice for Operating Xenon Arc Light Apparatus for Exposure of Non-Metallic Materials
    • ISO 4892-2
    • Plastics - Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources - Part 2: Xenon-arc sources
    • ISO 16474-2
    • Paints and varnishes - Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources - Part 2: Xenon-arc lamps
    • ISO 105-B02
    • Textiles - Tests for colour fastness - Part B02: Colour fastness to artificial light: Xenon arc fading lamp test
    • ISO 105-B04
    • Textiles - Tests for colour fastness - Part B04: Colour fastness to weathering: Xenon arc test
    • ISO 105-B10
    • Textiles - Tests for colour fastness - Part B10: Artificial weathering - Exposure to filtered xenon-arc radiation
    • M&S C9
    • Colorfastness to Light
    • M&S C9A
    • Colorfastness to wet light in the presence of alkaline or other chemical residues
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