WXView II Data Acquisition System

Get remote access to live and archived test data from your weathering instruments from wherever, whenever.

  • Overview +

    WXView II is a web-based data acquisition program that provides remote access to live and archived test data from your laboratory instruments:

    • See live streaming test data
    • Look up system information
    • See alarms and messages
    • Review preventative maintenance and calibration schedules
    • Easily download archived test data for further analysis
    from anywhere in the world, anytime you need it.

    WXView II allows users to review and analyze instrument data in a clear and concise graphical format. Data files from archived tests can be
    • viewed
    • downloaded, and
    • imported into other applications

    for more detailed analysis and report generation. Instrument status and information on alarms, maintenance, and instrument configuration may also be displayed on the touchscreen user interface.

  • Features +

    • Web-based application allowing access from anywhere with a secure internet connection
    • Data collection and storage on local area network or cloud
    • Built-in encryption
    • View of current operating parameters
    • Monitoring of test progress and instrument status
    • Zoom in/out to assess phase transitions or complete test cycles
    • Access to alarms and maintenance tables
    • Downloading of archived test data
    • Unlimited connectivity to PCs and Weather-Ometers on network
  • Products +

    WXView II software is available for the following instruments:
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