WXView II Data Acquisition System

WXView II is a web-based application that allows users to monitor the status of their instrument from anywhere in the world. It remotely collects test parameter, control system and other data outputs in real time from any Atlas Ci4400 instrument connected to the user’s local area network.

  • Overview +

    WXView II allows the user to review and analyze instrument data in a clear and concise graphical format. Additionally, data files from archived tests can be viewed, downloaded, and imported into other applications for more detailed analysis and report generation. Instrument status and information on alarms, maintenance, and instrument configuration may also be displayed on the touchscreen user interface.

  • Features +

    • Web-based application allowing access from anywhere with a secure internet connection
    • Data collection and storage on local area network or cloud
    • Built-in encryption
    • View of current operating parameters
    • Monitoring of test progress and instrument status
    • Zoom in/out to assess phase transitions or complete test cycles
    • Access to alarms and maintenance tables
    • Downloading of archived test data
    • Unlimited connectivity to PCs and Weather-Ometers on network
  • Products +

    WXView II software is available for the following instruments:
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