Fundamentals of Weathering (FoW)

  • Overview +

    The Fundamentals of Weathering I & II are two subsequent one-day seminars offered at various locations worldwide that emphasize lightfastness and weathering durability testing techniques. The seminars introduce the fundamentals of natural and accelerated weathering to those involved with designing, evaluating, specifying, selling or purchasing materials or products that could be affected by exposure to solar radiation or weather. This includes materials engineers, product managers, marketing and sales managers, R & D personnel and formulation chemists.

    While the first day introduces the basic knowledge required for reliable weathering testing, the second day goes more into detail on photochemical degradation processes and how those are affected by the influences of the environment.

    FoW I and FoW II are designed in consecutive order. However, depending on your experience and your requirements, both parts can be booked separately.

  • FoW I +

    The seminar will introduce the basics of how various factors of weather and climate, such as solar radiation, heat and moisture, affect materials and how to test the resistance of a formulation or product to them. Special attention is given to the testing techniques of paints and protective coatings, automotive materials, architectural building products and molded plastic materials. Textile and fiber lightfastness and weatherability are also discussed

    Participants attending this course will learn:

    • The primary weather factors that affect the durability of materials
    • National and international test methods that govern natural and accelerated outdoor testing techniques and environments
    • Artificial laboratory weathering test methodologies
    • How to properly structure a weathering test to derive maximum value
  • FoW II +

    The Fundamentals of Weathering II will examine in more detail how various factors of weather and climate, may affect materials and how to test the resistance of a formulation or product to them. We will discuss in more detail the way advanced laboratory equipment controls irradiance, humidity, and temperature and how meaningful, accelerated testing is performed.

    Participants attending this course will learn:

    • How the effects of weather influence material degradation
    • Photochemical degradation pathways and stabilization techniques
    • How to balance correlation and acceleration
    • Many other topics related to reliable weathering testing, such as reference materials, spectral sensitivity, reciprocity etc.
  • Dates and Registration +

    Courses are held at various locations in different languages
    Tuition information is available on request.
    Due to limited space for each seminar, advance registration is required.
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