Solar Test Center

  • Overview +

    Atlas Testing Services offers durability and performance/qualification testing through a network of global exposure sites, natural and accelerated test methods, I-V curve tracing and solar radiometric measurements for individual test specimens, modules and complete in situ systems.

    While there are many published standards for qualification and performance testing of both thermal and PV solar devices, the long-term durability of these devices continues to be a concern for the industry and ultimately the end-user. Atlas is the global industry leader in weathering and durability of materials offering ISO accredited test services to understand the impact of long-term exposure of systems in almost any environment. Additionally, Atlas can provide radiometric measurements to better understand the performance of solar devices in end-use environments or solar simulation. Atlas is ISO accredited to provide calibration of solar radiometers.

  • Testing Services +

    Solar testing services include:
    • ISO accredited outdoor, "real-time" exposures in over 20 worldwide locations, including benchmark locations in Florida and Arizona
    • ISO accredited, accelerated artificial weathering and durability studies using fluorescent, metal halide and xenon light sources
    • Accelerated outdoor exposures using the EMMAQUA solar concentrating system capable of exposing individual cells or complete modules
    • 100x UV solar exposure for material durability and material qualification studies
    • SolarClimatic testing for temperature cycling under solar loading with or without moisture and freeze/thaw
    • I-V curve tracing
    • Six luminary SolarConstant solar system
    • Specialized and custom test services for solar PV and thermal systems
    • ISO accredited solar radiometric measurements and calibrations
    • Various qualification tests per UL 1703, IEC 61215 and IEC 61646
  • Benefits +

    • Meet your durability and testing goals with world-class expertise and testing experience
    • Over 30 years of testing and measurement experience supporting the solar industry
    • Achieve best possible correlation, precision, and acceleration of your tests with state-of-the-art test methodology, testing equipment, and ISO accredited test laboratories and exposure sites
    • Validate warranty and service lifetime statements
    • Avoid premature failure of materials, cells, modules, and systems by performing comprehensive testing programs
    • Perform qualification screening tests for UL 1703, IEC 61215 and IEC 61646 prior to certification testing submission
    • Perform proprietary R&D testing and exposures in a secure and confidential setting
    • Complete system installation and performance validation testing to ensure stated results