India Sites

Chennai, India

Located in the southeast region of India, the site is characterized by a tropical climate with high levels of sunlight, humidity and temperature. The site provides valuable test data for many industries, such as automotive exterior and interior (paint, polymer, textile, leather) panels, parts, components or complete cars; architectural and building products; and consumer durable goods, etc.

The site will become a new benchmark climate for the Indian market. In addition, the harsh climate with long periods of hot, humid weather and an average temperature of 28 (C, will also be a tremendous added value for manufacturers of materials and products around the world.

12° 35' North
79° 48' East
45 meters
Average Temp:
28 °C
Avg. Relative Humidity:
72 %
Total Rain:
1252 mm
Total Radiant Exposure:
6,760 MJ/m²