Corrosion Cabinets

  • Overview +

    For over 40 years, Atlas has offered one of the broadest and most comprehensive corrosion testing product lines in the industry, supported by global local technical service. Our corrosion cabinets meet most international, OEM and related test standards when equipped with the appropriate options and accessories.

  • Chamber Models +

    Atlas offers four distinct corrosion cabinet models, each available in a range of sizes and configurations to meet customer and test method requirements:

    BCX Series cabinets meet test standards using basic wet/dry cycling as well as steady-state operation.

    CCX Series are cabinets designed for the most advanced and demanding corrosion tests, including complex automotive test cycles as well as basic steady state corrosion tests

    SF (Salt Fog) Series cabinets meet test standards designed for continuous salt fog, including modified electrolytes and condensing humidity.

    Walk-in Series comprises several sizes of standard walk-in chambers as well as custom sizes including drive-in chambers. These can be configured to meet basic continuous fog tests as well as basic cycling test methods.
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