SolarConstant MHG 1500/1200

Atlas SolarConstant MHG 1500/1200 are specially designed small luminaires for solar simulation systems.

  • Overview +

    SolarConstant 1500/1200 are typically used inside solar environmental walk-in and drive-in chambers for automotive applications, solar stress chambers for electronics, and for solar simulators for PV module testing.

    Also, learn more about the application-tailored model Atlas SolarTest 1200 for small PV module testing and others.
  • Features +

    • 1500 W / 1200 W MHG lamps
    • Optical filters for outdoor and glass filtered indoor daylight solar conditions
    • Wide, symmetric beam angle for high-uniformity solutions
    • Modular design for customized systems of any size
  • Technical Information +

    MHG 1500/1200 W
    Global radiation similar to CIE 85 (Tab. 4)
    Outdoor Filter:
    UV cut-on approximately 290 nm
    Indoor Filter:
    UV cut-on approximately 320 nm
    Average lamp lifetime:
    750 h / 1500 ignitions
    Dimensions (W x H x D):
    350 mm x 330 mm x 290 mm
    6 kg
  • Applications +

    Atlas has installed over 100 systems worldwide and is a leader in combining the technologies of testing with solar simulation. Below are examples of lower powered solar simulators: