Atlas Weather Station



As a materials testing laboratory, we consider the data that our weather station provides to be a core component of our business. Atlas is now offering this advanced weathering technology directly to you.

Whether you are designing a product or an experiment, environmental factors must be accounted for to ensure reliability and accuracy. The Atlas Weather Station will assist in your product development by providing the information you need about your local environment or diverse global climates.

With various options available to meet your individual needs, the Atlas Weather Station is a self-sustaining, semi-portable weather data measurement and collection instrument that utilizes the most dependable and precise research grade sensors available on the market today.

Atlas Weather Station Features and Options*

Features Available Configuration Options
  Basic Custom Static Custom Tracking
Ultraviolet UVA Radiometer NA NA
Ultraviolet UVA & UVB Radiometer NA
Total Solar Pyranometer First Class Sensor NA NA
Total Solar Pyranometer Secondary Standard Sensor NA
Temperature & Humidity Probe
Wind Speed & Direction Sensor NA
Rain Gauge NA
Barometric Pressure Gauge NA
Thermocouples for Measuring Sample Temperatures NA
Black and White Temperature Panels NA
Wireless Communication for Data Collection NA
Base Station for Remote Site Monitoring NA
Solar Power
Instruction Manual
Shipping Container
Pyrheliometer for Direct Normal Irradiance (DNI) Measurements NA NA
Data Acquisition System - capable of storing 30+ days of data

■ = Available         NA = Not Available

*Additional options may be available to meet your specific needs.

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