Xenotest Beta+ FD

  • Overview +

    The Xenotest Beta+ FD is a premium stand-alone rotating rack xenon instrument with a 4000 cm2 exposure area. This instrument is specifically designed to meet the testing needs of the FMCG industry, such as drinks, foodstuffs, personal care and household products. The Beta+ FD enables consumer goods manufacturers to test their products realistically within very short test times, typically with acceleration factors between 10-50 times faster than real time. The Beta+ FD is ideal for the reliable qualification of stable product formulations, determination of appropriate packaging materials, and supporting product shelf life claims.

    The Beta+ FD offers two custom racks - a bottle rack and a packaging rack. Both carry loads of up to 20 kg and fit various packaging shapes and sizes. Economical non-aging filters guarantee realistic simulation of all three common light conditions - outdoor Daylight / indoor Daylight / Store Light, while a chiller keeps test temperatures at realistic levels even at high irradiance. Programming and monitoring can be done online.
  • Features +

    • 3x 2200 W air-cooled Xenon Lamps
    • 4000 cm2 exposure area
    • Touch screen with colour display to monitor and display test parameters
    • Direct setting and control of Irradiance (300-400 nm) or (300-800 nm)
    • Direct Setting and Control of Black Standard Temperature (BST)
    • Direct Setting and Control of Chamber Temperature (CHT)
    • Display of Diagnostic Messages
    • Storage for 10 user-defined test methods
    • Multilingual User Interface
    • Test chamber with rotating rack technology; for application-specific specimen racks
    • Thermal insulation of test chamber and periphery preventing water condensation
    • Non-aging XENOCHROME filters to simulate outdoor daylight, daylight behind window
    • Optional StoreLight filter to simulate supermarket light conditions
    • On-rack XENOSENSIV 300-400 nm or 300-800 nm sensor for measuring and controlling irradiance (in W/m²) and BST (°C) on sample level
    • Selectable Temperature control either by CHT (10° *- 70°C; *requires chiller to reach temperatures below lab ambient) or by CHT and BST (25° * - 120°C) simultaneously (dual control)
    • Fan-controlled temperature difference between Chamber and Black Standard Temperature
    • Chiller SunCool Beta+ for extended CHT- and BST-ranges towards lower temperatures
    • UV-protected test chamber window
    • Switch-off by radiant exposure, light exposure time or total operating time
    • Advanced Auto Start functions
    • Internal memory chip for storing instrument data
    • Data output via memory card or RS 232 interface
    • Ethernet interface for connection to internal computer network and use of XenoTouch Add-ons 1, 2, and 3 (“Remote Control“, “E-Mail Service“, “Online Monitoring“)

  • Options +

    • XenoCal WST White Standard Thermometer
    • XenoCal BST Black Standard Thermometer
  • Accessories +

    • Specimen Rack D (Drinks): Stainless steel specimen rack with circumference 25cm; positions for bottles with maximum height 34 cm; Capacity: 7 bottles (Ø ≥ 9 cm); 11 bottles (Ø ≥ 5-9 cm); Maximum Load: 20 kg
    • Specimen Rack F (Food): Stainless steel specimen rack with horizontal ring for mounting flexible packaging specimen of various sizes
    • Store Light® filter
    • XENOCHROME 300 (filter with UV cut-on at 300 nm to simulate outdoor testing)
    • XENOCHROME 320 (filter with UV cut-on at 320 nm to simulate testing behind window glass)
    • XenoCal® WB 300-800
    • XenoCal® WB 300-400
    • XenoTouch Add-ons; Remote Control, E-Mail Service, Online Monitoring
  • Standards +

    The listed standards and specifications may include several alternative testing options. The instrument meets at least one option in any listed standard. Standards are subject to change without notification, which may result in a change in testing technology. Always check the revision status of a standard with the responsible Standards Development Organization. If unsure about instrument compliance, please contact your local sales representative.

    • ASTM G151
      Standard Practice for Exposing Nonmetallic Materials in Accelerated Test Devices that Use Laboratory Light Sources
    • ASTM G155
      Standard Practice for Operating Xenon Arc Light Apparatus for Exposure of Non-Metallic Materials
    • ISO 4892-1
      Plastics - Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources - Part 1: General guidance
    • ISO 4892-2
      Plastics - Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources - Part 2: Xenon-arc sources
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