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Back to School: Face-to-Face Seminars are Back

Back to School: Face-to-Face Seminars are Back

During the pandemic years we have tried our best to keep in contact with you and to support you with an extended online education program. Many of you probably joined one or more of our online seminars, which are still very popular. However, like you, we have been missing our live, face-to-face training classes.

Now we are happy to announce returning with face-to-face seminars. Of course, we will also continue our high quality online program, but like you we have been looking forward to meet and learn about weathering testing in “real-life” seminars and workshops.

Upcoming Face-to-Face Classes

We already started in May with successful seminars in the United States and Germany. Here is a selection of upcoming scheduled events for this year:

Our classic two-day seminar “Fundamentals of Weathering I + II”:
  • Oct. 18 and 19 in TBD, Belgium
  • Nov. 9 and 10 in Hamburg, Germany
  • Nov. 15 and 16 in Paris, France
  • Nov. 23 and 24 in Boras, Sweden (at RISE)
Our one-day seminar “Fundamentals of weathering – The Basics”
  • Oct. 25 in Mount Prospect, IL, USA
Instrument workshops:
  • Sep. 27 in Linsengericht, Germany (Xenotest)
  • Sep. 28 in Linsengericht, Germany (Ci Weather-Ometer)
  • Sep. 29 in Linsengericht, Germany (SUNTEST)
  • Oct. 26 in Mount Prospect,IL, USA (Ci Weather-Ometer)
I hope we will meet at one of these occasions.

Back to School: Face-to-Face Seminars are Back

More Information

For more information and to register visit our client education calendar.

You also may be interested in our online library or recorded online seminars.