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Online Education – Atlas Seminars and Classes Keep You Up-to-date

Atlas Online Seminars

Online Seminars – Not Only During Corona Times

Face-to-face meetings are very important, especially in strategy meetings, brainstorming sessions, negotiations, or hands-on training. Nevertheless, education through the web has become a proven tool to complement traditional formats.

Since 2007, Atlas has been offering educational online seminars and symposia. When the Corona virus hit in early 2020, we considerably increased the number of online seminars, topics, and languages to keep up with rapidly growing demand.

Today, Atlas is offering online classes in many languages, formats, and numerous topics. Presenters and trainers are highly educated and experienced weathering experts.

Atlas Online Weathering Academy’s Basic Course

The core offering of Atlas Online Weathering Academy - AOWA - is a 5-part series of 1-hour lessons on Fundamentals of Weathering (FoW):
Part 1 - Weather Factors
Part 2 – Outdoor Weathering
Part 3 - Laboratory Weathering
Part 4 – Weathering Testing and Basic Standards
Part 5 – Correlation and Acceleration 

These parts are presented live several times a year, They can also be found on our websiteand on the Atlas Youtube Channel.

Atlas Online weathering seminar

Weathering-Specific Topics for Every Application

Atlas presents live webinars on many different topics. In addition, most of these are available as recorded online seminars.

Some selected topics:
• Introduction and Basic Principles of Weathering Testing
• Xenon-arc and Fluorescent/UV - Comparison and Applications
• Different Xenon-arc Weathering Instruments – Applications and Limitations
• Setups for Common Weathering Tests
• Photooxidation & Stabilization Mechanisms of Polymers
• UVC Material Exposure Testing
• Automotive Interior and Exterior - Weathering and Lightfastness Testing
• Lightfastness and Photostability Testing of Consumer Goods
• Weathering Testing of Architectural Applications
• Textile Testing - Colorfastness to Light
• Durability & Reliability Testing Across the PV Development Value Chain
• ICH and Related Guidelines - Pharmaceutical Photostability Testing in Atlas SUNTEST
• Food, Beverages & Ingredients - Lightfastness & Photostability Testing
• Cosmetic Products and Packaging - Light Stability Testing
• Consumer Electronics - Photostability and Weatherability Testing

Don’t Miss Upcoming Online Seminars

A complete Client Education (CED) calendar is published on the Atlas website and continuously updated. Bookmark the Link and don’t miss a new date or topic.