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  • FI UV Device Cover
    Top 10 Fluorescent UV Testing Standards You Should Know

    November 29, 2021 | Andreas Riedl

    Now, we are using a similar approach to identify the 10 most frequently used and referenced fluorescent UV (aka Fl/UV) testing standards. We are excluding industry and company test methods and focusing on international consensus-based documents, e.g. ISO, EN, and ASTM.

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  • Chamber Air Temperature Settings Added to ASTM G155 Test Cycles

    November 1, 2021 | Dr. Florian Feil

    Standard ASTM G155 (2021) has been recently revised, and the revision has just been published. There are some significant technical changes and improvements made in this revision. Two major improvements are the inclusion of different category daylight filters.

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  • Atlas Outdoor Weathering Plant Miami
    Top 10 Outdoor Weathering Standards You Should Know

    October 18, 2021 | Andreas Riedl

    Let’s now apply a similar systematic approach and exclude industry and company test methods as well as material and product specifications from the plethora of outdoor weathering testing standards. As the result, we suggest the following 10 most frequently used and referenced standards.

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  • Material Testing under the sun
    What is the Difference Between Type I and Type II Daylight Filters

    October 4, 2021 | Dr. Florian Feil

    Some years ago, Atlas was able to develop a daylight filter system for xenon-arc weathering with a much closer fit to natural solar radiation than any other filter system on the market. We called it the Right Light™ filter. This filter system was first implemented in standardization in the ASTM D7869 method for transportation coatings.

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  • Xenon Weathering Standards
    Top 10 Xenon Weathering Standards You Should Know

    September 28, 2021 | Andreas Riedl

    The Atlas Standards Database lists more than 6000 documents from about 600 Standards Developing Organizations (SDO’s). If we exclude duplicate test methods published in different norms and obsolete versions, we still end up with several hundred different weathering and lightfastness test methods.

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  • Example of front and back spray in a Ci Weather-Ometer
    The Truth About Rack Back Spray and Its Use in SAE J1960/SAE J2527

    August 2, 2021 | Oscar Cordo

    It is no secret that moisture is a major degradation mechanism for many materials. Relative humidity, rainfall, and one-off applications of water to a material’s surface all contribute to degradation in their own ways. This was recognized by Bill Lane, a member of the founding family of Atlas, through the works of Fred Stieg Jr., a paint and coatings researcher, that were published throughout the 1960’s. Stieg’s paper titled “Accelerating the Accelerated Weathering Test” from 1966 and his subsequent paper “The Dew Cycle Weather-Ometer® Re-evaluated - A Literature Review” in 1975 led to the development of the Atlas Dew Cycle Weather-Ometer®, a modified Sunshine Carbon Arc instrument with rack spray that was equipped with a chiller to enhance the formation of dew on the surface of samples under test.

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