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AMECARE for Laboratory Weathering at Peak Performance

Laboratory weathering tests take a very long time, often weeks or months. Therefore, proper maintenance of accelerated weathering instruments is critical to operating at peak performance without unscheduled downtime.

AMECARE – Atlas Preventative Maintenance Program

AMECARE programs are designed to minimize the occurrences of unexpected testing interruptions and unplanned on-site service calls. Utilization of an AMECARE program will maximize your laboratory’s investment by decreasing costly downtime.

The AMECARE program at a fixed annual price is depending upon
• instrument usage
• AMECARE program level

Key Benefits of the AMECARE Program

• Regularly scheduled inspections and required maintenance intervals to identify and correct any issues before they occur
• Scheduled ISO 17025 accredited calibrations to comply with both manufacturer’s requirements and quality standards
• Assurance of long-term and optimal instrument performance
• Detailed service reports with professional assessment of key components
• Priority support and response times
• Discounts on repair parts and consumables
• Instrument software updates if available

AMECARE Silver and Gold

AMEARE is available in two levels. The table shows details.

*Upon filter system type used

More Information

Review AMECARE details or download the AMECARE fact sheet for details. All information is available for different languages on the Atlas websites as well.

For further information on laboratory or outdoor weathering testing, check out our online library or recorded online seminars.