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New Sealed Lamp Makes Operation and Maintenance Easier

Atlas Ci4000 and Ci4400 Weather-Ometers

Proper maintenance of water-cooled Ci instruments includes periodic replacement of the xenon lamp and the inner and outer filter cylinders at specific time intervals to meet spectral requirements for precise weathering testing. Atlas introduces a preassembled sealed lamp for the industry-leading Ci4400 Weather-Ometer and its predecessor Ci4000, making operation and maintenance even easier.

The new Atlas Sealed Lamp design integrates all assembly elements - xenon arc lamp, inner optical filter, outer optical filter, and associated hardware - into a single, factory-sealed unit. This solution eliminates potential glass breakage, avoids assembly and disassembly errors, and reduces instrument downtime saving you time and money. Available in Right Light/Quartz and Boro S/Boro S filter combinations, the Sealed Lamp comes with the same 1,200-hour warranty as traditional xenon lamps and has a lifetime of 2,000 hours. 

Two Sealed Lamp assemblies are available.

More Information

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