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  • New Sealed Lamp Makes Operation and Maintenance Easier

    August 11, 2022 | Andreas Riedl

    Proper maintenance of water-cooled Ci instruments includes periodic replacement of the xenon lamp and the inner and outer filter cylinders at specific time intervals to meet spectral requirements for precise weathering testing.

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  • Atlas Material and Product Testing
    The Differences Between Material and Product Testing

    September 6, 2021 | Dr. Oliver D Rahaeuser

    Durability tests and the service life predictions for materials and products that are derived from them are a challenge for every product development team. When designing a testing program, one of the first questions that you will undoubtedly ask yourself is “What is the ideal test for my material and/or product?” Answering this question is not always easy as the world of weathering and durability testing is so versatile that it can quickly become confusing. But it does not have to be and knowing the right questions to ask yourself can help to make choosing the right test method for your material or product easier.

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  • Ci-Weather-Ometer
    What is the Right Choice: Xenon Flat Tray or Rotating Rack?

    August 16, 2021 | Dr. Oliver D Rahaeuser

    For the past 50 years, xenon arc weathering has been performed mainly in two styles of instruments: flat tray and rotating rack. Each design has its advantages and disadvantages. Do you know which style is right for your test? Let’s discuss what points we should consider when trying to decide between the two.

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