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Virtual Inspection and Evaluation of Test Specimens

The hands-free glasses allow the user to point to specific areas of interest

Worldwide Exposure Network

For reliable service life data, accelerated laboratory weathering must be combined with outdoor weathering. The Atlas Weathering Services Group (AWSG) operates a world-wide network of weathering testing sites and laboratories: WEN – Worldwide Exposure Network. In both accelerated weathering laboratories as well as outdoor testing sites, Atlas experts are performing exposures, inspections, and evaluation of our customer’s specimens.

Atlas WEN – Worldwide Exposure Network

VIEW - Virtual Inspection and Evaluation

Atlas’ welcomes visitors to any of our weathering facilities to meet our staff, enjoy the weather, and personally inspect your samples that are on exposure. With rising travel costs and busy schedules, the ability to spend the time and expense to visit has become challenging.

Using mobile, hands-free, camera-equipped glasses and a secure video conferencing software application, AWSG can now be your “eyes at the site” by offering VIEW - Virtual Inspection and Evaluation of Weathering.

Digital microscope to magnify specific degradation modes

Using VIEW’s secure video conferencing software, a client interacts with an AWSG technician equipped with specialized, camera-enabled glasses to observe their specimens in situ in high definition. Additionally, this service allows technicians to zero-in on specific areas of interest in remarkable detail – with magnification up to 60 x using VIEW’s digital microscope.

The service is available at both our Phoenix, Arizona and Miami, Florida outdoor facilities, as well as the accelerated weathering laboratory in Mount Prospect, Illinois.

More Information

Learn more about View – Virtual Inspection and Evaluation, or download the AWSG catalog.

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