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  • Blog Automotive Standards IPDPboxes
    Weathering Testing Standards for Automotive Applications

    March 7, 2022 | Andreas Riedl

    The automobile is probably one of the most tested products you can find: it must be tested as a whole vehicle for crash safety, fuel consumption, solar heat load, and driving performance.

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  • Example of front and back spray in a Ci Weather-Ometer
    The Truth About Rack Back Spray and Its Use in SAE J1960/SAE J2527

    August 2, 2021 | Oscar Cordo

    It is no secret that moisture is a major degradation mechanism for many materials. Relative humidity, rainfall, and one-off applications of water to a material’s surface all contribute to degradation in their own ways. This was recognized by Bill Lane, a member of the founding family of Atlas, through the works of Fred Stieg Jr., a paint and coatings researcher, that were published throughout the 1960’s. Stieg’s paper titled “Accelerating the Accelerated Weathering Test” from 1966 and his subsequent paper “The Dew Cycle Weather-Ometer® Re-evaluated - A Literature Review” in 1975 led to the development of the Atlas Dew Cycle Weather-Ometer®, a modified Sunshine Carbon Arc instrument with rack spray that was equipped with a chiller to enhance the formation of dew on the surface of samples under test.

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